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Set in the rustic Parlour Barn at Berry Farm, Cat and Sæunn invite you to join them for an evening of fizzy, flow and fun! Think of it as a yoga supper club intended to nourish the mind, body and soul. We begin our evening with a 75-minute strong to soft yoga practice, followed by yummy grazing boards which we will enjoy over a glass or two of fizz. The perfect wind down into the weekend.


How our evening will unfold...


Strong to Soft


After a welcome drink and time to settle, our evening of wellness begins with movement. First, you'll be guided through a warming flow, creating a slow-burn in the muscles, releasing tension in the tissues, and unwinding the stress of the week. Gradually our practice will become softer and softer, encouraging the body to melt into the mat and finding a place which is still-ish as we hold postures in yin yoga.


Fizz & Feast


With the mind feeling nourished (flow), we'll sit down to nourish the body (feast) and soul (fizz). Completing our evening with an abundant vegetarian grazing board and a glass (or two) of fizz!


Approx 18:30-21:30


Berry Farm Parlour Barn,
Silver Street,
South Cerney,


£55 per person


Yoga + Coffee + Cake on a Sunday morning… Does it get much better than that?


Sæunn from SajaRut Yoga and Fire & Flow Coffee Roasters are excited to partner up and present a monthly Yoga Coffee Club. Set at the bright and airy Fire & Flow Roastery we’ll start our morning with a slow yet energising flow before sitting down for coffee, cake and chat.


How our morning will unfold...


Energising Flow

First thing, we’ll roll out our mats for some gentle yet fiery movement. A perfect balance of strength and stretch, firing up the muscles before stretching them out whilst finding calm in the mind. It will be energetic but definitely not fast, expect to build up a bit of heat in the body before sinking into some wonderful deep stretches and finishing off with a lovely long relaxation.


Coffee & Cake

After some wonderful movement we will nourish the body and soul with a specialty coffee (or tea) and a yummy selection of cakes, giving ourselves a chance to sit down and connect as a community.


Sunday 2nd of April,

10:30 - 12:30


Fire & Flow Coffee Roastery & Espresso Bar
Unit 2A Tall Trees Estate,


£18.50 per person


Join Sæunn for a fun-filled, feel good evening of dance - no experience necessary, just a good mood and a willingness to try!

We’ll start with a gentle warm-up before working our way through a simple flowy contemporary dance sequence. Once we’ve mastered our sequence we’ll dance through it a few times, letting the music and the movement take over. We’ll then wind it right down and finish our session with a good stretch and relaxation. Expect lots of fun floaty movement, seriously good tunes and good times.


Friday 14th of April,

18:00 - 19:30


Berry Farm Parlour Barn,
Silver St, South Cerney,
Cirencester GL7 5TR


£18.50 per person

Bookings through Retreat & Rewild

Retreat - in Icelandic

Komdu með í lúxus jógaferð til Portúgals. Nærðu líkama og sál með daglegu jóga, dýrindismat og góðum félagskap í gullfallegri lúxus villu í hjarta fiskiþorpsins Olhão á Algarve ströndinni. Dýpkaðu þekkingu þína, svalaðu ævintýraþorstanum og mest af öllu leyfðu þér að slaka á og njóta.


In this workshop we will explore ways to creatively weave in strength work into your yoga classes and asana practice without losing the essence of the practice.

This workshop is for teachers, trainees and interested students.

The workshop will start with a practice before moving into discussion, Q&A and group work.

In this workshop we will…

  • Learn about the science of strength training and why it’s important
  • Break down different postures and explore ways in which we can utilise them to gain more strength
  • Explore how we can sequence in strength without breaking the flow or intention of the practice
  • Learn how to offer and cue different variations
  • Explore the balance between strength work and stretching

Come and find out why strength training is important and explore how to weave it into your Yoga practice.


13:00 - 16:30 (3.5hrs)


Unit 3 Crescent Bakery, 70 St George's Pl, Cheltenham GL50 3PN, United Kingdom


£45 per person

Terms and conditions apply to all bookings.

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