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Start the new year on the softer side of things with an extra special New Year’s Yin + Nidra. An extended deep tissue practice followed by the invitation to rest deeply.


With slow, steady breaths we’ll stretch deep into the connective tissue and gently massage our internal organs through gentle postures and static holds. Thoroughly calming our nervous system, allowing us to fully unwind and rest.


To finish our practice we will sink into a deeply restful Yoga Nidra, a guided meditation that brings you to the edge of sleep. It’s deeply restorative and balances the nervous system, leaving you with a profound calm.


Allow yourself to surrender to stillness and emerge deeply rested, recharged and ready to welcome in the new year.

Details & Pricing


Sunday 7th of January, 2024
16:00 – 17:30


Retreat & Rewild Studio Unit 8, College Farm Buildings
Tetbury Road, Cirencester


£20 per person

Yoga Retreat - In Icelandic

A women’s yoga retreat run in Icelandic. This adventure will take us to the beautiful mountains of Andalusia for some serious rest and recharge. A glorious week filled with yoga, hiking, workshops, delicious food and great company! It’s the perfect combination of adventure and luxury!

Yoga Retreat

A yoga retreat with the perfect blend of luxury and adventure. This is the ideal retreat for those with an adventurous spirit but a taste for luxury. Join us in the Andalusian mountains for a beautiful week filled with yoga, hiking, workshops, delicious food and great company – an absolute dream!

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