Monthly Candlelit Restorative Yoga In Cirencester

6PM - 7:30PM First Sunday of The Month

A special monthly session to nourish and replenish mind, body and soul. This extended class allows us an extra slow practice to release stress from the body and mind. Allowing ourselves time to be soft, kind and gentle. To truly tune in, to the body and the breath, letting the world melt away for a moment…

During the practice restorative postures are held for an extended time to relieve built up tension and allowing the body to slowly release into the pose. Through these static fully supported postures we can let ourselves have a true moment of stillness, a moment of quiet away from the rush of daily life. Gently restoring body and mind before ending the practice with a guided meditation and an extra long relaxing Savasana.

Give your mind, body and soul a well deserved treat – just £15 for 90 minutes of magical relaxation!

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