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An online Yoga Membership

Are you ready to commit to your practice? To take time for yourself? To be well and truly present? To be inspired and connected? To make your own wellbeing a priority and carve out some space for yourself?

Join Flow Society today and start your journey to a healthier, happier and more inspired you!

With a weekly subscription you get unlimited access to a full schedule of live streamed yoga classes as well as a library of live class replays to practice to at your own leisure along with exclusive members only content. Class lengths vary from 15-60 minutes so there’s no excuse not to get your daily dose of yoga!

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Find your flow & let your soul glow!

What you get

For the Cost of a Single Yoga Class Per Week...

  • Full access to the Live Stream Class timetable (240 minutes of yoga every week!)
  • Access to a growing library of exclusive On Demand Classes
  • Access to a library of Live Class Replays to practice to anytime you want
  • Access to the members only private Facebook group where you can connect with a like-minded community
  • A weekly members only email
  • Bonus members only content

Live Stream Timetable

Timetable subject to change. Please make sure to always check the live booking system.


6PM (15min)

Core Flow

6:30PM (30min)

Slow Flow


7:30AM (15min)

Morning Glow


6:30PM (45min)

Yoga Flow


7:30AM (15min)

Morning Glow


10:30AM (60min)

Yoga Flow to Slow


6PM (60min)

Restorative Glow

Styles of Yoga

All styles are open to all levels.

Core Flow

Mondays 6PM

An express flow designed to warm up the body and fire up the core. Expect to dive straight into some planks and some fun core focused asana variations!

Slow Flow

Mondays 6:30PM

A calming slower paced class where we softly flow between postures with the breath. Nothing too sweaty, just movement, breath and relaxation.

Morning Glow

Tuesdays & Thursdays 7:30am

A short but sweet way to kick off the day. Starting with a few rounds of Sun Salutations and finishing off with a meditation. And just like that you’re ready to tackle the day!

Yoga Flow

Wednesdays 6:30PM

A slightly more energetic flow. Nothing too fast but except to work the body and build up a sweat before releasing into your relaxation.

Yoga Flow to Slow

Saturdays 10:30am

An energising flow with some fun challenges thrown that winds down to some calming stretches and a lovely relaxation. Expect a bit of sweat, lots of fun and lovely does of chill.

Restorative Glow

Sundays 6pm

A gentle class focused on restoring the body and mind. Restorative postures are held for longer, allowing the body to sink into the pose and the mind to release. Expect lots of quiet and calm.

Join the Society now!

Commit to your practice. Commit to yourself. Allow yourself to slow down, to connect, to be present. Allow yourself to find your flow and let yourself glow.

For the cost of a single studio yoga class you get unlimited access to a full live stream schedule as well as a library of live class replays. Plus bonus members only content!

Subscribe to your all access pass below – I cannot wait to flow with you!

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Membership is valid from day of purchase and renews on a weekly basis. You can cancel anytime (although I hope you won’t).

Looking forward to seeing you on the mat!

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