Halloween Yoga Playlist

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Happy Halloween boys and ghouls! For someone that really freaking hates being scared, jumps at the tiniest little noise and never ever (ever!) watches scary movies it may come as a surprise that I actually really like Halloween. I suppose dressing up all scary is a lot more fun than…

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60 Minute Yoga Flow Playlist

Happy Monday! It's been a little while now since I've p osted a fresh new yoga playlist on here - super sorry! But this one is worth the wait, I promise. This 60 minute yoga flow playlist has a mix of really chilled out tunes with a few more upbeat…

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75 minute Vinyasa Yoga Playlist

Happy Monday friends! It's the first Monday of the month which of course means new yoga tunes - YAY!!! This time it's another Vinyasa yoga playlist - my favourite kind :) This is the playlist I've been flowing to, teaching to, living by for the past month and I absolutely…

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