Lower Body Yoga Workout

Happy YouTube Yoga day!! Commonly known as Sunday. This week we’ve got a short but pretty sweaty little lower body yoga workout. It’s basically a quick workout all about getting those legs and glutes fired up and super strong but wrapped up in a nice yoga inspired flow.

As always, make sure you move mindfully, listening to the body and honouring what it needs. Never push into any kind of pain.

So are you ready to get your sweat on?!?

I hope you enjoy this lower body yoga workout, if you do please let me know in the comments below and/or head on over to my channel to subscribe!

If you like some tunes to go with your practice then I recommend the following playlist of mine:

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If you’d like to stretch it out a bit more after this sweaty workout then I recommend either my full body stretch or the hip and hamstring stretch.

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Stay awesome friends! Until next time!

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