New Year, Forever Growing Me

The frenzy of new year’s resolutions

Happy new year friends! Happy new decade!!!

I really love starting a new year. The excitement. The potential.

But sometimes we get a bit obsessed with the thought of new beginnings and new year’s resolutions. “New year, new me” and all that. Sometimes we get so caught up in this storm of goals and intentions that we end up with a mighty big mountain to climb and no way of reaching the peak in the time frame we’ve given ourselves – sound familiar?

I am most definitely guilty of this. Feeling like any goal I set must be reached immediately otherwise I’m a failure. It’s not so much that the goals themselves are impossible but rather that I don’t give myself enough time to achieve them. As a result I end up feeling sad and defeated when my self-imposed timer runs out.

Setting goals out of self love

When it comes to goals I have come a long way from the days of “must lose 5kg by end of month!” (seriously?!) and “no more than 1500 calories a day so that I can get a bikini body” (cringe!) – because god forbid that you carry a little bit of padding around your waistline! I have learnt to set goals out of self love; “exercise more because it makes me feel good”, “create space for self practice and reflection”, “eat food that nourishes and gives energy”, “learn a new skill because it makes me feel empowered” and things like that. It’s no longer about changing, because of course we’re perfect just as we are. It’s rather about growing and evolving, becoming the best version of myself.

Allowing ourselves time

But I still have to learn to pace myself. Of course end goals can be big and bold but setting smaller in-between goals is key. To not rush that trek up the mountain. Plan a few coffee breaks to bask in the beautiful view, maybe even taking a breather at base camp before heading up that final apex. I’m sure the peak will be glorious but there are plenty of sensational viewpoints along the way. The most important thing is to actually experience and enjoy the climb, with all the challenges and victories along the way.

So if you, my friend, are working on some goals of your own this year I truly hope that they come from a place of self love, a place of growth and above all, I hope that you allow yourself time. Time to grow, time to enjoy the journey, time to climb that mountain. Because you damn sure can!

If you’re looking for inspiration, Thrive Global has a great article with suggestions about resolutions that are about self love. But remember

Here’s to 2020 and here’s to growing, and taking the time we need to do so!

Until next time! Sx

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