Yoga for flexible hips & hamstrings

Happy Sunday friends, aka YouTube yoga day!! Yay!! This week I invite you to join me on the mat for a lovely Yoga for Flexible Hips and Hamstrings practice.

It is so incredibly common to have tight hips and hamstrings these days, with the amount of sitting that most of us do it’s no wonder we start to build up tightness in the lower body. Thankfully a bit of stretching, when done regularly, will really help. Whilst stretching alone is of course great, when done as part of a yoga practice it’s even better! The mindfulness aspect, breath awareness and self reflection that yoga brings makes it so much more than just stretching. Yet you still end up with more flexible hips and hamstrings! Win win!

This gentle slow flow will stretch out and release tension from the lower body and hopefully leave you feeling fantastic! Enjoy!

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I really hope you enjoy this Yoga for Flexible Hips and Hamstrings sequence – if you do please let me know in the comments below 🙂

If you’d like some music to go with your practice then I recommend this playlist of mine:

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